In this case we have found blocks between .525 and .575, but still worlds above the .350-.375 measurements listed above for 383's and 440's. Combine this with the fact that the cylinders are shorter (since the block deck height is shorter) compared to an RB, and you can see that a 400 block is ABSOLUTELY stronger then any other block made.
  • In order to display a computer name in CentOS 7/8 and RHEL 7/8 systems via console, issue the following command. However, using this method to change machine name results in setting-up the machine transient hostname. The transient hostname is a special hostname initialized and maintained...

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    Dec 06, 2019 · This can be done with the following one-liner. It will be using tmpfs file system and its size is set to 1024MB. myramdisk is the device name I gave to it. sudo mount -t tmpfs -o size=1024m myramdisk /tmp/ramdisk. To allocate 10G for the RAM disk, run this instead. sudo mount -t tmpfs -o size=10G myramdisk /tmp/ramdisk. If we issue the ...

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    Maximum size, in storage units, of an aggregate which should be considered for scalarization when compiling for size. fsm-scale-path-blocks. Scale factor to apply to the number of blocks in a threading path when comparing to the number of (scaled) statements. sched-autopref-queue-depth. Hardware autoprefetcher scheduler model control flag.

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    rsize=num and wsize=num — These settings speed up NFS communication for reads (rsize) and writes (wsize) by setting a larger data block size, in bytes, to be transferred at one time. Be careful when changing these values; some older Linux kernels and network cards do not work well with larger block sizes.

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